Saturday, September 4, 2010

let my hands dance :)

i could say,
what a day ,
or just,
i hate today.

being optimistic,
it never hurts,
being sarcastic,
that's gonna struck a nerve.

im no poet to describe the world as it is,
but i have my own opinion,
with whom i share this world with.
as of yesterday,
ive learnt something,
rather than nothing.

friends make our world go round
not just square or triangle that has to much bound.
when you take them for granted,
you'll see how you can be granted with such hatred
unless you linger upon the strings of a love ones,
then you will live to tell the tale.
A tale of stupidity rising beyond the wise intelligency,
but you are not Enstien,
you are not stephen hawking.
then ill ask you a question.
what is the true treasure of your complexion?

and NOT to be forgotten,
always in my heart,
a leader coaches rather than orders,
motivate ,
rather than cursing for our imperfections.
but hey,
im not perfect for you,
guess you are just not perfect anyone then :)
a brain without a heart,
is like a you. with only you :)

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