Sunday, November 27, 2011

last friday night

25hb,november, 2011.

i was going down to class . wasnt late . but delayed, farhan gave me a Tshirt from mumbai at the stairs with nai and ama that time. THANKS :) but down the stairs, met arif .

*weh aku arini tak pg kelas kot*
*kwn aku meninggal smlm*
*(innalillah). kenapa?*
*die kne denggi. budak puncak alam jugak tu.*
*hish, ni budak kelas kau dah tau blm??*
*dah. tau tak jln dri sini nik pg semenyih cane? tp dr shah alam la. aku pg shah alam dulu*
*and i told the directions to him, *

and he left to his house to prepare himself to go to her house. and it also left me with a thought. something to think of.
in my thought, typically, that girl who passed away, was never prepared to go , yet. and ofcourse the lat moths she was laying a smile and laughter never less than any one else among us
but Allah said that it is her time, and she must go. And this got me thinking. its just a matter of time. before anyone's time is up, it could be anyone, it could be us.

as the night falls, i recieved a text message from zawin.
* weh aku dga cte sir param meninggal kt ijn. kau tau tak ali?*
*tak pulak. bile?*
* tak tau. aku pn dpt tau dr kan aku punye cikgu akaun.*
* owh, sorry to hear. thx for the info*

then i called my friends just to tell them this news. and most of them wouldnt believe. and the 1st thing they would ask is,,
* die da masok islam belum??*

well, theres a story behind all this..
well, basically, this sir param is my chemistry teacher for my tution at mas institute . a great one though. he was the one who made me realize that chemistry wasnt that bad, and spm wasnt that bad.
moreover(cewah mcm karangan pulak. haha) although he seems quite old. but he was a rich and healthy person who likes to climb mountains. but what really made his students see him as a great person was
that the ability for him to understand islam.

it was ramdhan last year if i was not mistaken. he was teaching chemistry at an evening class instead of the night class. but as expected evening class would tire the peoples easily, its also an after school
ssession as well, so what more can you expect? but at the end of the class. he started to give a minor speach

*ok, thats all for today. selamat berbuka semua. saya tahu kamu semua letih, tapi sedarlah. syaitan ni takkan berhenti mengajak kamu pergi neraka. buat benda baik ni memang la susah.
benda nak dapat pahale la katekan.*

sorry i couldnt remember from a to z of the speech. but what i do remember is that after the speech , everyone was speecheless. and then he continued.

* saya bukan taknak masok islam, tapi kalau saya masok tapi buat dosa,. nnt dah nak mati saya masok la islam, boleh kan . ALI?*

he asked me a question that simple, yet i cannot answer, i was still wondering, is this man for real?? i hope he is. im thinkin everyone else there would think the same
as me. but i guess ill never know the answer right?? anyway.i hope you may rest in peace sir, love, your students of mas.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

the silent treatment.

(lazy-ass boardslide -,-)

when you do may fail or you may fly,

family, friends and foods, they never fail to be the main source of solving any problems you face i n life. but at certain times, despite knowing that complaining wont change a thing, sometimes complaining is just another way to just let loose of the problem, although wise people would think twice of doing so. because in the end, the main problem is still not solved.

i guess im not among the wisest when it comes to solving problems. i just dont do the talks so much, dont wanna be a burden to others :) besides, im never good with words anyway. heeeh. it seems that when ever im in an effed up situation, i tend to find a solution that doesnt actually solves the problem. but rather stalls my mind from making that problem a fuzz in the head.

and yeah, you may guess it right. when others complain or anything. i tend to go outside the house and take the board , with barefooted or half shredded shoes doesnt matter. and just pop or flick the board. it kinda makes me forget about everything else. although its actually quite sucky to have a hobby that is costy and it sheds your blood. and in my current situation, picking up where i left it 3 months ago is not an easy thing. especially my reflexes. my spontaneous body responses are different from usual, my mind is still sending signals as if im still handicapped. pfft. what am i bablin here~

recovery is a process* i know . a sad fact i need to accept. even after one year of skating, im still at a gay level. kalau la tak crack tgn back then. T.T needs more time, i need more time. huhu. but hey, this is my way of solving my issues. the silent treatment. never failed me. yet :) hehe. although i suck in it. but one lesson you should learn in life is that

* you may fail or you may fly, but what really matter is that you try * :)

(frontside crooked?=)

p/s: HEY YOU! thanks for spending some time to read my scribbles :) youre awesome!