Saturday, December 12, 2015

Antara tiga darjat

kadang kadang manusia terlupa. 
dalam hakikat penciptaan dirinya
ada beza antara tuhan dan hamba
ada beza antara manusia biasa dan nabi mereka

Seringkali dalam setiap perbuatan kita, kita dinasihatkan untuk berhati hati. Bukan kerana perbuatan itu betul atau salah, Tetapi apabila perbuatan salah itu ditafsir sebagai kebenaran, Dan perbuatan salah itu dianggap benar. Dan aku takut, seandainya kebenaran itu dikatakan benar, Hanya kerana lebih ramai yang mmenyatakan yang salah itu benar. Maka aku tertanya tanya, dimana peranan akal untuk berfikir, peranan iman untuk memandu akal. mungkin apa yang kita perlu sedar, fungsi muhasabah lebih dari sekadar mengisi manisnya kalam nasihat.

Kita bukan tuhan. Kalau tuhan semestinya apa yang dibuat sentiasa betul, Dan bukan tugas kita untuk persoalkan hakNya sebagai tuhan mahupun persoalkan baik atau buruk tindakan tersebut. 

Kita juga bukan nabi. yang mana perbuatan nabi seringkali melambangkan keindahan Islam. Walaupun jika dilihat kisah Nabi Hidir, Nabi Musa sendiri meragui tindakannya. Jika dilihatkan lainnya nabi dan kita, seandainya nabi membuat silap, Allah akan tegur secara terus. Persoalannya di sini , apakah kita juga akan merasakan tindakan kita betul selagi mana tuhan belum menegur kita secara terus?

Maka sekali lagi saya bertanya, apakah beza kita dengan tuhan? apakah beza kita dengan nabi? aku sedar, diri ini bukan hebat dalam bab bab sebegini. tapi yang aku pasti, sebagai manusia. kita perlu akan muhasabah diri. 

Gunakan hak untuk berfikir sebelum hak untuk bersuara :) 

Friday, November 20, 2015

THE SUMMARY, so far.

sedang mengklik itu ini, sana sini. Mencari sesuatu yang kelihatan seakan akan tidak wujud. mungkinkah aku sedang bosan? maka kembali lah aku ke sini. sekali lagi. harapnya selepas ini lebih konsisten.

glistering my views on my fellow bloggers whom, once were all together with me throughout this journey of epic writings and sharing. And now, most of the writings are virtually unavailable due to further unacquainted commitment. though some have been known to have less time for the hands and minds to sync and marvelously, and effortlessly producing something worth, marriage. and perhaps even studying (hopefully), seems to be a legit reason of so. but nevertheless, i hope that i may continue doing what i am, and still manage to squeeze some time for all of this. (AMIINNN~)

So far. here i am. clinical years. i cant comment much on the 4th year of medical school, yet. But hey, 3rd year was a year full of memories of which in my opinion is worth sharing, and worth of reading back for myself especially. listing it would be easier i think :D

1. EXTRA CURRICULAR - I always believed that a great person has a great agenda. and a great agenda is always something that is beyond what is already laid in front of him. pretty sure everyone knows the poem ' the road less traveled by '. And having a year of new responsibility had me placed myself where i never thought id be, and not forgetting, all the peoples i met along the way has shown me the practical approach of the saying. and the downside at this point of which i was able to conclude to myself is that not everything will go as how you planned. YES, not everything works in the real world. you tried so hard in doing something but the world seems to always knock you down just to make you realize , you need to be better. suck in up and move on~

2.CURRICULAR - Obviously learning in the clinical setting is not the same as the past 2 years. nor will it be similar to any practical sessions in other faculty. learning by the means of self urgency. the ultimate form of proper practical learning. at this point i realize, its not how much you know prior, or how well you did in the past years of your life that matters. but how much you put an effort and commit to learn and gain everything that matters. Of course, there are those who settled with just doing average. In the end, the outcome will be the same for everyone. unless you flunked (God forbids) but youll reach the same place , just a bit late. of course, examwise, im willing to say that it is one of the most unfair exam in the world. Some would consider passing is a luck. others might work so had for it but still not pass. as for me. i only hope that passing is the best fate Allah has decided for me.

3. THE FRIENDS - Its quite the sad scene where all the 250 friends who goes to lectures together 2 years ago are now merely faces seen once a week, if youre lucky that is. as how i am eager to talk to each of them, time is always THE one to prevent me from doing so. we all have our own different schedules to follow and places to attend. But i always say to myself, there will be a time after this hecticness ends, that i am able to do so. but never the less, out of sight doesnt mean out of mind, nor do out of prayer.

4. THE LIFE - So it begins. as everyone is getting prep on what they want or have to do in life you start questioning how that statement inflicts on your life. whats it gonna be like for the net five years, or maybe 10 or 20 years from now. along the way what should you dump and on which should you cling and carry on. Others will start questioning too. And unfortunately, some will doubt your action regardless how virtue the intention you prioritize. there will be those who cant digest the fact of why this course is the longest, and why its said to be the toughest. not that im making an excuse for each and every under performance( God forbids) there is. In everything that we do, i realize theres one fact that should be highlighted that hopefully, in a certain way, it may be something to cling on and head towards a better future.

all of our times flies. but to where it flies that differs each and every one of us. and just because you are doing something in your believe, is the right thing, it makes other paths the others took the wrong one. lets leave the judging part to the One and only who can, and leave the efforts to us. 
Towards a better and brighter future. InsyaAllah :)

Monday, April 13, 2015

embracing knowledge for what it is.

learning is a process. a process where we interpret what we received  from our senses regardless of what ever form the origin is. presumably, other people tend to judge us with the stuffs we are SUPPOSED to learn. having that said, we, on the other hand somehow forgot the true nature of learning it self.

its not about what our surrounding shows that defines what we will learn. But rather how we accept our surrounding in a way, it may benefit us in any way, at any given time. processing our thoughts and instincts, only then, we would realize, its only a matter of time when we see how everything may somehow teach us something new, something useful, something we need in the most dire times possible.

hearing is one thing. listening is another. and for that, we should be realizing that, knowledge is a key to survival and does not necessarily means it has to come from a book or a speech from a person who claims, to have a better way of life than you or any other people. knowledge and lessons in life are often more easily absorbed and comprehended when they are more relatable to our own. ( the eyes wont see what the brain doesnt know). and with this, we should be able to see clearly, how learning could actually vary in many ways and its always easier when you could see the silver lining in everything  (perhaps its even more fun!)

open up a book and understand what its trying to let you know. listen up to a speech, and testify to yourself, of which am i supposed to know, and which should i discard. open up to the goods that people do as an example we can replicate for others to also trail on the same track. see the bad examples others do, so you can refrain yourself from doing so, and perhaps, correct others to also refrain from it, and also improve themselves.

and there will be times where you come to a point, where you feel tired just absorbing everything you could. and when that time comes, look back and realize, the reason why you are able to see or do certain things up to this point is because you can while others cant. And with that said, you should realize that Allah has , bigger plans and a greater path for you.

so maybe its good to sometimes, close your eyes, take a deep breath, remind yourself of all these things. and force a smile, know that you are strong. stronger than many others that usually take the easier path. we all heard about the tail of the road less traveled by. and hey look, here you are, citing the poetry of a life you are living in :)

#this post , a tribute to the times when i realized, when i started to learn. its not all about academics, its not all about the grades. sometimes you need to learn how to make those who concern about the academics to also realize theres more than just academic to live with :) but this, still doesnt mean that academic is not important :)

surely, you'll understand dependence when you know the Maker's land  :)