Thursday, April 28, 2011

it was late night. i was driving with whom i dont even know. and suddenly somebody asked me to pull over. and i rolled down the window. and apai was there. i dont know. why him? suddenly he took my phone that was placed at a pocket at the door and throws it on the road, and it shattered to pieces. damn it!. and a carwent over it. wthell is your problem?!!! why is he the one pulling me off the road?


waking up in the morning. umi asked to send akram to the bus. about 1 minute ride to the dropzone. and as i returned home, and umi said i would be late for school. so i hurried my self and wait in the car. as i arrived at school, akram suprisingly hop in the car, and said the bus left him. and he cant go to school.i was like, *owh, yeke* and i was thinkin, how was he able to walk , or run that far at a short period, and knowing where my school was? oh well, theres gotta be a trick up in his sleeve. although the explanation may be a little unlogic..

i was somewhere in a kitchen after all the fuzz of the day. and suddenly, AinaShafia was there cooking an epic meal for me. a great aroma. i kept wondering, why am i in a restaurant's kitchen and she's cooking for me?? wthell? ahh, dulik la. the meal was done, and all for me :D as i was startin to take the 1st bite,,,


ali, jom,


cpt la hnta aku,

hnta mane?

keje la, dh lmbt.

owh, oke...

****8.45am, thursday,

damn it, i was dreaming.
that explained everything

Monday, April 18, 2011

solid-hard facts


Sunday, April 3, 2011

crunching some thoughts..

dh beberapa bulan main. malangnye everytime main tak boleh nk serius sbb ada je mnde yang menghalang. kalau pike pike balek. smpai bile aku bole main? kat u nnt bole ke aku main? ade ke mase nk main,.

its all about consistency if you want to improve, i dont see the consistence. my sweat, tears and blood are shed from this. am i just gonna drop it? hell no! although the fact tht playing with spectacles are hard. i guess things were never easy when it comes to me.

Friday, April 1, 2011

spm aftermath

skrg baru ada rase nk post pasal spm, post-spm i meant~

hmm, okay the night before that kelas aku buat gathering kelas siket, but it turned out to be alittle chaos. aduhai lelaki =.=

the next day , i woke up late, tgk tgk jap dah 930. nah, early, baru nk tido dh org calling calling suro pg skolah. okay okay,im otw to the toilet. and orang kwn aku ni dah siap2 kt rumah aku. haish, hal kau laju aje. . hehh. pg nek moto, smpai je tgk ramai sedang menunggu dkt luar. and, kt dewan org tengah cakap cakap. nahh, ill pass. get breakfast instead. and there i was at wega drinking extra joss :D

sampai sekolah after that pegi salam salam sume then masok dok tepi dewan, tgah borak borak, athirah call,

*ali, aku dh tau result kau*
-asal aku tatau kau bole tau?
*satu dewan dh tau result kau*
-wtf. kau bia betol, dont screw this moment, dont tell me-

and yeah, she told me my result and made my heart shattered to pieces. and cigu sume mule mencari, ali di mana, ustazah arab aku dtg dtg pukol =.= mara sbb ape arab aku bole kantoi B

and setelah dipakse aku duduk kt dlm dewan tu, and then cgu announce sume yg dpt 8a's and above suro amek result kt atas stage tuh. aku yg dok menahan air mate ni naik je la. alahai~ turun je budak2 tu nak amek gamba temubual la ape lah. heh, sry la adik adik sekalian, aku ni bukannye contoh teladan yang baek. aku banyak maen, banyak buat masalah ngn cgu cgu. malas belajar. korg contohi la pelajar yg dapat sume A tu yeh :)

sebelum balek tgk org maen boling and setelkan lesen. sampai rumah je kene marah dgn umi. well, obviously, the one and only time die tak marah aku was the time i got my trial result. and the only one person i can see happy with my result, is my grandmother, she cried of happiness, not knowing that i was just scolded by my mom.

and that night aku nk isi upu and biasiswa. masalah timbul satu demi satu. faktor umur, anddd, i started to ask myself. what do i really want in this life?
doctor perhaps??

am i really interested in this field? am i gonna succeed in this field? or is it just my mom's desire? does the community demands high number of this profession? will the competition be tight? will i survive among the rest? the rest are obviously far better than me rite? if i dont take this field, wut else can i take?wut if i take sumthing that is more easier?

nk cube elak sume soalan ni takleh, sbb ni mcm, life making decision. damn it. delay la aku isi. dengan abg aku and umi kt sebelah,
*ali amek ni macam cool je*
*ali amek ni, bes ni*
*ali amek ni ramai org amek*

and bile orang ckp, ali, result kau oke ape.
and heres why i said it wasnt,
ok, firstly, obviously, kalau tgk, result spm lg down dr trial, msti la sedeh kn?
aku pike, about10k org dpt straight A's. cnfm kalau n ape ape biasiswa die setel kn dorg dulu baru pndg yg ada B dulu. lagi lagi course yg aku nk amek ni very expensive and aku tak mampu nak baya kalau sndiri, dlm kate lain, kalau tak dpt biasiswa mmg tak la aku nk amek bidang ni. huhu.
and kalau tak amek amek bidang ni, i end up blja same je ngn budak yg dpt less A's dr aku. no offense. tp ni yg cgu ckp la. so, kalau tak dpt last last same je perjalanan .. kalau minat course yg kos die rendah, kn senang. huuhh.
dan lain lain. pening pike byk2 ni.

and yeah,