Thursday, April 28, 2011

it was late night. i was driving with whom i dont even know. and suddenly somebody asked me to pull over. and i rolled down the window. and apai was there. i dont know. why him? suddenly he took my phone that was placed at a pocket at the door and throws it on the road, and it shattered to pieces. damn it!. and a carwent over it. wthell is your problem?!!! why is he the one pulling me off the road?


waking up in the morning. umi asked to send akram to the bus. about 1 minute ride to the dropzone. and as i returned home, and umi said i would be late for school. so i hurried my self and wait in the car. as i arrived at school, akram suprisingly hop in the car, and said the bus left him. and he cant go to school.i was like, *owh, yeke* and i was thinkin, how was he able to walk , or run that far at a short period, and knowing where my school was? oh well, theres gotta be a trick up in his sleeve. although the explanation may be a little unlogic..

i was somewhere in a kitchen after all the fuzz of the day. and suddenly, AinaShafia was there cooking an epic meal for me. a great aroma. i kept wondering, why am i in a restaurant's kitchen and she's cooking for me?? wthell? ahh, dulik la. the meal was done, and all for me :D as i was startin to take the 1st bite,,,


ali, jom,


cpt la hnta aku,

hnta mane?

keje la, dh lmbt.

owh, oke...

****8.45am, thursday,

damn it, i was dreaming.
that explained everything

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