Monday, March 31, 2014

Demi masa , dulu dan kini

22 tahun dan sebulan
Sebulan .... plus plus...

as our age increases, we realize that we've lived a year longer, and also we have shorter time to live, making us wonder, what have we been doing all these while?

along this 22 years of journey, a lot of things had happen. a lot of things learnt. and ill admit, along the way, at some point, i messed up. im pretty sure we all did right? 

nevertheless. let alone our past be a good example of whom we once we're , and whom we shall refrain from being like that, again. and that is why, i shall not delete the posts from my previous years. let it be something to remind me, for we are mere humans who requires explicit reminder to allow ourselves to see the fine line between what is right and what is not.

the things we did back then cant be repent with turning back time, but we can repent it by not doing it again, ever. i was once who i was, but that doesnt mean ill stay that way forever. the best lesson is learnt not from books, but from experience. seeing and reading, may be a way to hopefully learn. but doing mistakes, FORCES us to learn, and REGRET will allow us to remind ourselves, constantly.

but as the time we have the epiphany , we shall see the world will somehow, turn against ourselves. trying to tear us apart. making our journey towards a better individual, as hell as possible. then i came across this,

"selagi anda beriman, selagi itu anda akan dilanda ujian"

its not a test if its not difficult, its not a test if you get through it everytime, the same way. maybe this is just how life is. ill get use to it. Allah is always there with those who needs him. oh well


Sunday, March 9, 2014

manfaatnya ilmu itu, lebih dari sekadar tahu

orang tua tua selalu berkata

banyak orang, banyak ragam.

kadangkala dalam bertegur sapa,
kita selangi dengan pelbagai kisah dunia
bagai penglipur lara petah bersandiwara 
diselitkan juga gurauan senda..

 hasrat di hati hanyalah untuk menceriakan suasana
mengeratkan jalinan mesra
agar bila tiba masanya,
ini menjadi cebisan amal kita,
tatkala berdepan dengan yang Esa

namun aku sedar aku siapa,
hanya manusia biasa 
tidak lebih dari kalian semua,
tidak akan terlepas dari dosa,
ia yang tidak dikesan pancaindera.

kita dapat dengar apa yang kita bahas,
kita dapat lihat apa yang kita buat.
selalu sahaja aku TERkeliru ,
di antara apa yang aku SEDANG lakukan
dan apa yang aku PATUT lakukan

oleh itu
wahai rakan rakan 
jalankanlah peranan kalian 
bila terlihat kesilapan,
teguran diperlukan
kritik pun,rasenya, boleh kan?

kadang kala dalam kritik itu 
niat hanya untuk menghina
sedangkan apa yang diperukan 
adalah kritikan yang membina
disampaikan dengan cara yang betul,
disampaikan dengan  suasana yang betul,
jangan jadi bendul
dengan mengolotkan istilah 'betul'

pedulikan semua!
tegur nasihat komentar dan kritikan.
adalah asam garam kehidupan,
mengalir dalam darah kita.
sebab aku nak kalian tahu
dan aku rasa kalian mesti sependapat dengan aku
tiada diantara kita
yang tidak ingin ke syurga

'tidak akan ke syurga seseorang itu berseorangan'
maka sedarlah wahai rakan rakan

ali husaini., 2014

sands of time . 2014

*a silence echo of hello disperses upon myself in the middle of the night.. and Bismillah prior to that.

when i started this blog back in 2007, ( i had to add up to a new url due to the fact that i forgot the password to my previous blog!) i was determined, that no matter what the circumstances i  face, ill keep on posting, writing, about anything significant in my life. And i was very sure that at least, once a month. something will eventually trigger me to write something, and its not something go to waste. at least for me to read it back.

And here i am. more than a year after my previous post. thinking that probably i had already disgraced my determination. i thought back then that nothing could stop me from writing, from expressing what i should. and i fought all the way, till the point of medical degree. hats off to you MBBS. you managed to turn it all around. giving me less time for myself. forcing me to KIV all my post in my mind and eventually not writing them at all. and yeah, look at me. im writing fully in english. this is. something that i think professionally, IS good. but for myself. maybe i should put a border to where is shoud and shouldnt. And hence, in this post is should really start introducing my life. after a year ++ of absence :D

so back in 2012-2013. 1st year of medical degree, probably the hardest degree one could probably go through in their life.that is probably the general term anyone will encounter ( correct me if im wrong) what a freshment i was. it was hard probably starting the new degree in an environment of being the pioneer of something. for starters, our batch (the 10th that is) had to start living in a new hostel, starting with nothing in the room but a bed. but materially , its a small matter. as long as it doesnt affect the studying process, it shouldnt matter much. i hope. and another thing is, we're the 1st to actually start the medical degree program outside UiTM Shah Alam. so there we see ourselves being compared with others. oh well. its a thing everyone will encounter either their conscious state of mind or not ..

speaking of study, i have to admit. its not easy. as for me. im more of a reader type. hence. direct lecture session is not my prime learning method. untungla to those who can grasp the 100 slides of notes in 1 hour during that instance. in addition of the 8am to 5pm class everyday, there is an exam at least once a month. And i must say,, due to the nature of medical study, most of us will come to a point of doubt.  it usually happens when theres just too much to study alongside with other works that comes along. it gets worst when the poor studying is reflected in a test / exam 's result. sometimes it takes more than just an epiphany to get back up. sometimes its those around you that will make you ok again. and sometimes. the phrase 'the less you care the better' seems to work best! ( no kidding bro ! )

As the year passes, saying hello to 2014 was one thing. but learning new stuffs was another. As we grow, we tend to seek something more than before. nature of evolution perhaps? we tend to adapt. gaining the best of the current situation. making the best out of what we have. learning became more and more.. 'mobile' and studying was taken to the point of where the necessity is priorified. you see people having their own method of studying. and some of them trying to gain more in their youth by making things more than just studying. some would go on finding side incomes , some would go and develop their extracurriculum skills. but overall, you see people grow in the form of finding what is probably more beneficial aside of just merely learning medicine. a very good thing indeed~!

Nevertheless. along this 2 ++ years. as our lives revolves around the same people, we tend to know them better, and hopefully , making us as a whole, a better group of person. maybe in some ways. it will make us think alot better, in a way of understanding a person. and probably ignore the negative part, and work on mutual benefits. professionally. In short, i think thats the answer to my previous post.

probably in the coming times, i wont have time to dance these fingers on the keyboard. though usually ill tell the process i went through to eventually learnt something that is worthy of updating the blog, maybe in the future, ill write up short notes to save up my time. and probably your time too. thanks for reading this post. have a good and blessed day :)