Monday, March 31, 2014

Demi masa , dulu dan kini

22 tahun dan sebulan
Sebulan .... plus plus...

as our age increases, we realize that we've lived a year longer, and also we have shorter time to live, making us wonder, what have we been doing all these while?

along this 22 years of journey, a lot of things had happen. a lot of things learnt. and ill admit, along the way, at some point, i messed up. im pretty sure we all did right? 

nevertheless. let alone our past be a good example of whom we once we're , and whom we shall refrain from being like that, again. and that is why, i shall not delete the posts from my previous years. let it be something to remind me, for we are mere humans who requires explicit reminder to allow ourselves to see the fine line between what is right and what is not.

the things we did back then cant be repent with turning back time, but we can repent it by not doing it again, ever. i was once who i was, but that doesnt mean ill stay that way forever. the best lesson is learnt not from books, but from experience. seeing and reading, may be a way to hopefully learn. but doing mistakes, FORCES us to learn, and REGRET will allow us to remind ourselves, constantly.

but as the time we have the epiphany , we shall see the world will somehow, turn against ourselves. trying to tear us apart. making our journey towards a better individual, as hell as possible. then i came across this,

"selagi anda beriman, selagi itu anda akan dilanda ujian"

its not a test if its not difficult, its not a test if you get through it everytime, the same way. maybe this is just how life is. ill get use to it. Allah is always there with those who needs him. oh well


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