Thursday, January 27, 2011

a lone lonely loner~

see? im smiling! :D

at the same time. am i?

life is getting dull faster than i expected. i need more inspiration. from somewhere. something. someone? that little click in the head that could change each and every single thing better. where are you??!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

this is what i say

this is not tumblr :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

and she said





erhh. are you sure about that dude??? lol

reference :

Sunday, January 16, 2011

disaster upon a thread???

oke. it was supposed to be a great time. but, things dont usually go as you hoped..

last, friday if i was correct. i was at work. just arrived to be specific , and then i see everyone was gathering around at the bar. there was, kak lisa, steve, azfar, sharon, nana, mizie. they were discussing about that night. i knew there was going to be a staff dinner for all the nando's outlet under mr roger's supervise .i never planned of goin there actually, but all of them insisted. they wanted me , faiz and azfar to perform that night. and they let us decide what song to sing. SING? thats the thing i do in the toilet alone and not infront of the crowd. but wtheck.kak lisa said she's going to cut our salary . ok. life goes on. we were told to close early to attend that dinner party at 1130. during the work time. we kept discussing what song. i dont wanna miss a thing?? still fly? finally decided. GREAT ESCAPE!

around 630. steve said to me.
'ali, u tinggal dkt mana?'
'shah alam la'
' boleh tak u pegi balek sekejap, amek baju utk malam ni. tema kite hawaii tau.then dtg balek keje'
'erhh, oke. '

i rushed to the ktm, and with delayed train, add it up with the fuss of the ppls. i arrived at 830. and picked up the clothes for me and faiz. and downloaded th song, great escape. as i arrived at nando's, it was already closing time. hehehe. so, i literally worked that day. done the closing, kak zidahsuro tuka baju dkt dlm freezer. wtheck? tanak. so we changed in the store. hahaha. me faiz sharon nana went to the outlet at jaya one with azfar's ride. dude. nice car! like seriously. its an old school car, well maintained :D

so as we arrived, we were among the earliest. get the numbers for the lucky draw. and then just sat back at the alley to rehearse the song. oke, tak hapal =.= gamble!!!!and it turned out, horrible. sry kak lisa, im not tht much when it comes to karaoke ,then, disaster happened. at the time it was the show for sharon, kerol and mizie, i thought of recording it. and i tried to search for my phone, and it wasnt there =.=

oke. to add it up,umi's mp3 with faiz's earphone is gone too. i lost my mood at tht party, mr boo asked everyone to dance infront. sorry, not for me. , and it seems that, every one noticed it too. kak zidah dari jauh dah nmpak =.= so i went home earlier than anyone. thanks to azfar who sent me all the way from pj to shah alam. and the next day, my luck turned form bad to worst.

bgn pagi, kne marah dgn umi.
nk pg sacc renew sim kne delay sbb hujan.
sbb lmbt redah je.
dh nk smpai sacc tayar pancit.
pg 2 tukar tayar, duit utk gnti mp3 umi makin kurang.
smpai sacc, die ckp stok habis =.=
smpai ktm, basahkuyup, terlepas tren,
smpai kje lmbt.
kt kje kne sound ngn naresh sbb amek bill tak de reference (BKN AKU LA!!!)
kje dkt kitchen byk slack then org service yg tak buat order yg kne tudoh.
balek kne buat dining ada customer yg bajet nandos ni kdai mamak nk lepak lame2. orang dah nk closing die boleh lak bukak lappy.
closing pn jd lmbt gila.
seb bek tak miss train...

and soo, now aku dh ada fone bru. with the same number . but i lost the contact details :( so paham paham la yer plss?? :)

so that was the fullstop for my disaster. hopefully. but when i look at the bright side. i love working at nandos :) the staff are awesome. great people. great food. great income. come guys! try your luck at the subang parade outlet. hahahaha. :D

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

waste no time :)

What is the time now?
There's no time for looking back now
because we need to start looking forward.

It's time to shut up listen.
It's time to get up and move your feet.
It's time to get up cause it's our turn dance around and feel the beat.
It's time to shut up and listen.
It's time to get up and move your feet.
It's time to stand up
cause it's our turn dance around and feel the beat.

Don't loose this opportunity
because time won't repeat itself.

Look at the time now
it's been awhile since we had fun like this
and I can't figure it out that why are we wasting time?

This is our time.

Every second counts don't waster another minute.

Stop looking back
let's make some haste
cause I ain't stopping here right now.
What are we doing now?
Is this the right thing to do?

Waste no time.

Monday, January 3, 2011

hari pertama persekolahan :)

seronok main iceskate 4 jam.
seronok dpt kalah main bowling?
seronok dpt jumpe kawan kawan.kawan bukan sebarang kawan :)
seronok sebab keluar kali ni tak pkai duet parent. erhh, duet umi.
seronok keluar tak abeskan duet.
seronok sebab keluar kali ni puas hati
ape yang tak seronoknye?
melecet sana sini
nak main skate ptg and malam pon susah.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

new year

oke, gambar tahun baru saya memang tak se'2011' seperti orang lain. tapi saya nak cakap. malam 2011 saya bes :)
second combat <3
the padangs <3

bxc. tak dapat tgk, tgah lepak dgn tyra time tu. adehh. next time aki!

**photo grabbed from sha's fb. i know it may seem like, not a good place. but hey.

hanya kerana kami passionate about musics yg agk berat. tak bermakne kami jahat.
kami clean :)

ein, SxC**

selamat tahun baru semua, moge tahun ni better dari 2010 =)