Monday, April 13, 2015

embracing knowledge for what it is.

learning is a process. a process where we interpret what we received  from our senses regardless of what ever form the origin is. presumably, other people tend to judge us with the stuffs we are SUPPOSED to learn. having that said, we, on the other hand somehow forgot the true nature of learning it self.

its not about what our surrounding shows that defines what we will learn. But rather how we accept our surrounding in a way, it may benefit us in any way, at any given time. processing our thoughts and instincts, only then, we would realize, its only a matter of time when we see how everything may somehow teach us something new, something useful, something we need in the most dire times possible.

hearing is one thing. listening is another. and for that, we should be realizing that, knowledge is a key to survival and does not necessarily means it has to come from a book or a speech from a person who claims, to have a better way of life than you or any other people. knowledge and lessons in life are often more easily absorbed and comprehended when they are more relatable to our own. ( the eyes wont see what the brain doesnt know). and with this, we should be able to see clearly, how learning could actually vary in many ways and its always easier when you could see the silver lining in everything  (perhaps its even more fun!)

open up a book and understand what its trying to let you know. listen up to a speech, and testify to yourself, of which am i supposed to know, and which should i discard. open up to the goods that people do as an example we can replicate for others to also trail on the same track. see the bad examples others do, so you can refrain yourself from doing so, and perhaps, correct others to also refrain from it, and also improve themselves.

and there will be times where you come to a point, where you feel tired just absorbing everything you could. and when that time comes, look back and realize, the reason why you are able to see or do certain things up to this point is because you can while others cant. And with that said, you should realize that Allah has , bigger plans and a greater path for you.

so maybe its good to sometimes, close your eyes, take a deep breath, remind yourself of all these things. and force a smile, know that you are strong. stronger than many others that usually take the easier path. we all heard about the tail of the road less traveled by. and hey look, here you are, citing the poetry of a life you are living in :)

#this post , a tribute to the times when i realized, when i started to learn. its not all about academics, its not all about the grades. sometimes you need to learn how to make those who concern about the academics to also realize theres more than just academic to live with :) but this, still doesnt mean that academic is not important :)

surely, you'll understand dependence when you know the Maker's land  :)

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