Tuesday, November 1, 2011

the silent treatment.

(lazy-ass boardslide -,-)

when you do something.you may fail or you may fly,

family, friends and foods, they never fail to be the main source of solving any problems you face i n life. but at certain times, despite knowing that complaining wont change a thing, sometimes complaining is just another way to just let loose of the problem, although wise people would think twice of doing so. because in the end, the main problem is still not solved.

i guess im not among the wisest when it comes to solving problems. i just dont do the talks so much, dont wanna be a burden to others :) besides, im never good with words anyway. heeeh. it seems that when ever im in an effed up situation, i tend to find a solution that doesnt actually solves the problem. but rather stalls my mind from making that problem a fuzz in the head.

and yeah, you may guess it right. when others complain or anything. i tend to go outside the house and take the board , with barefooted or half shredded shoes doesnt matter. and just pop or flick the board. it kinda makes me forget about everything else. although its actually quite sucky to have a hobby that is costy and it sheds your blood. and in my current situation, picking up where i left it 3 months ago is not an easy thing. especially my reflexes. my spontaneous body responses are different from usual, my mind is still sending signals as if im still handicapped. pfft. what am i bablin here~

recovery is a process* i know . a sad fact i need to accept. even after one year of skating, im still at a gay level. kalau la tak crack tgn back then. T.T needs more time, i need more time. huhu. but hey, this is my way of solving my issues. the silent treatment. never failed me. yet :) hehe. although i suck in it. but one lesson you should learn in life is that

* you may fail or you may fly, but what really matter is that you try * :)

(frontside crooked?=)

p/s: HEY YOU! thanks for spending some time to read my scribbles :) youre awesome!

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  1. aku tau awesome.kau tak yah cakap pun takpe kot :p HAHA