Sunday, September 26, 2010

sharing is caring?

sometimes people say, "ali, you've got to tell people your problem"

heh. but the world , i cant say its cruel. maybe its just the way it is rather than the way it should of been. Too much had been done. every time i tried to tell the true complexion of something, it gets worst.not that im saying im always right. but it makes them know that things aren't that simple. and things are absolutely not as how they thought.and thus ,leading to a bigger misunderstanding. forcing myself to learn. that i should never share something. its better for me to keep it inside. and admitting im wrong even though its not, even though i haven't tell the truth about it. ending up for me to swallow the pain and smiling for it . accepting all the blames, true or false. when its inside. nothing differs it. oh well. thts the world trying to teach me to be stronger and stronger :)

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