Sunday, August 8, 2010

unholy confession

indah dunia bukan pada bicaranya.
indah kata bukan pada zahirnya.
indah sinar bukan pada bahangnya.
indah kalam bukan pada khilafnya

atau aku yang salah??

Segalanya indah bila dihayati. Disanjungi kerana memahami. Dikagumi kerana memberi inspirasi.

the way we understand things may not be the same. but hey, i hope people can always see the silver lining in everything. making peace from the chaos turning bad to the best. its never impossible. its just up to you rather you want to do it or not. but above everything. ali, not everyone may agree or even tolerate with this idea of yours. for that.. it sucks to have a solo single minded type -,- oh well. guess thats just you. and yeah. a lot is coming on your way. and hell yeah, who knows. huhu.

smile when ur happy, smile when ur sad. eventually, ull be happy at some way ali husaini :)

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