Sunday, April 4, 2010

lesson of the day(II)

sportsday. not much to share. just the lesson. a fact tht i found. tht i desire to share with those who are reading. ( usually its only me. )

hidup jangan jadi anjing orang.. jgn jadi kuli orang. jangan biar kau diambil kesempatan. jangan biar orang buat kau nmpak bodoh. jangan biar orang perbodohkan kau..

thts all.
no offense. im writing this to the person who im surely takkan bace blog ni. thts y im writing this. cz i know kau takkan bace. and jangan korg terase sbb kalo korg dh bace.. and im not pointing it to u. sereously :) thank you for evrything.

P/S; thx donat. aku rase mcm nk post psl bfday aku n mia tuh. haaha. later dude. still. thx alot :))

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