Thursday, April 15, 2010

final answer

question number 1.

is there really a person termed GIFTED?

hmm, well. evrything you see, is a result of sumthing. not just it happened like it is some kinda magic. NO. no such thing as gifted. but there is the term as special. whereby you have the ability to do less and gain more. wish i was apart of it.

question number 2.

are heroes born or made?

for sure. nothing is born. ppl that are meant to be something since the day they were born?? thts bullshit! just becaouse u were born blind doesnt mean you cant see, just because ure deaf, doesnt mean u cant hear. JUST BECAUSE YOU CANT SPEAK, DOESNT MEAN YOU CANT COMMUNICATE. God is very very, very generous to treat us with all of his blessing ;)

question 3

is it better to be avarage at everything rather than being superb at one thing and sucks at other than that one thing?

hmm, lets see.

lets say, that i can play soccer, i can play well. but doesnt mean im a pro like torres rite? plus, i can run well, but not the best runner la. i can do well in curiculum, but never managed to get the best.

vice versa~
this one person, who can score with flying colours in exam, still, doesnt play football,

or even this person tht plays football, maybe as good as torres:), that doesnt score in curiculum. you get the point rite???

i dont wanna interupt ur point of veiw with mine. so,

you decide..


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