Monday, March 29, 2010

inspiring. to those whom shares this artistic interest :)

gila weh!.. aku nk main cmtu gk .. =) and the song is really nice . i love the song even without the piano. and its better with piano. and, played by a kid tht age. (looks nerdy kn?)haha. still. aku nk tere main cmtu gk weh. tangan fluent je main. tayah tgk note. even kalo die dh hapal pon. still gempak kot dpt men tangan lembut gile gtu. huhu. maybe korg ta bese dengar lagu ni, so, here's a song tht maybe farmiliar to all of us :)


even tak la nmpak pro sgt lagu ni. still. i love it. hahahaha. kau tak suke?? so wut? :)

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