Tuesday, March 9, 2010


alot happened today,
im focusing on the main storyboard on why i suddenly felt this eargerness to write, to dance these fingers on this pathetic keyboard~

coming home from kimia class. tired for sure, but home works are mountain high. therefore, lest get rockin~~!

but it only seemed like it lasted with admath, got bunch more upstairs waiting to be done. tht time i remembered....


yeah. hallmark, thts rite, guess what show it was?? BIGGEST LOSER ASIA woi... haha. a show tht my whole family watched together, cant remember the last time that happened.

cut it short, my man i wished he won didnt get it, and the winner, did u used drug?? :DD

still, congrats. wish i could lose weight that much. huhu.. =)

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