Tuesday, January 3, 2012

dah lebih seminggu. tapi takpe.aku nk tulis jugak

although it may seem waaaaaay to long to say this. but just to let you know. that it is not that i forgotted . but rather its just a way of obeying your order. you once said that if it was ever your birthday, never to wish it. and the sole reason that you believed in will always be in my mind. remembered,

"buat apa kamu wish?? xkn la harini je kamu nk igt org tu?"

yeah.this goes for mother's day as well. a lesson i learnt from this statement is that we should always appreciate other person,and never take them for granted. dont just remember a person when it's their birthday. but cherish them through your life :)

but of course, you never expect kids to understand this. they seem to enjoy doing this. so let em do what they want, and of course. if birthdays do make a person happier. why not? but the person im talking here is someone,i just HAVE to wish. although you may not like it, just to let you know i did not forget even though i didnt say it out loud to you. ofcourse. spending time with you now is like almost impossible. and yeah. you like to read my blog right?:)

so,happy 46'th birthday umi, on last teusday* that is,, you are one strong woman i have to say.enduring what all the thick in life so far, is not what every woman might able to handle. please. all i want to see is you being happy, so just dont go yet.i still got a long way to go.and i need you to be there for me. and most importantly, to be there to see me succeed in life. theres just so much i need to show to you, to prove to you, to make up for the loss i've made in my past. so just stay okay? ill promise to take you back to aberystwyth , london as how you always wanted. who knows we can maybe live in that old pen house again ??:)

with love, your son . thank you for always being there for me. for being my everything.

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