Monday, December 26, 2011

lets be clear

write to express, not impress.

this dusty place, i havent update this for quite sometime. not that i wanna say my life is getting a little dull with no story to tell. well if you go blogwalking to other blogs, youll see how vast post after posts keeps coming on the top. unlike mine that is. but just so that you'd know, this is not like any other typical blog you see. in which, like a diary, everything is written to keep note of everything we did. (please rephrase me if im wrong)

but ef waii aii. here in my blog i dont seem to do the same. whats the point of being the same with everyone? typical is just not gonna be me. ill write on occasion that when it happens, it usually brings about a question in my mind, raising a thought, that will make myself a better person. think outside the box. and you will understand what im saying :)

but just because i dont post, doesnt mean my life is a lowlife no greatness in it type. but sometimes, either im too busy, or just it is best to be kept for myself, afterall, some opinions are best not to be shared, :D and yeah. the 1st rule for me in writing is stated in the 1st sentence :D

happy new years guys ;)

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