Tuesday, January 3, 2012

life frustration

look what the system did to me?

this is not who i was. i was better before
way better
trying to improve from that point.
to become one of the best perhaps.
but in the process
i followed the path of trusting someone .
telling the personal part of my problem,
so i could one day be just like all of them,
that are respected in the society,
and loved by the angels of heavens.

but you turn against me,
supposedly ,
if i follow the rule,
my problems areto be solved,
not being talked of it,
not making fun of it.

i guess the system was'nt wrong.
but the system trusted the wrong person
and for that reason,i cannot go back to how i was before,
this is something big, that could affect my whole life,
and it had,
and you shall be blamed.

life was fun, and more meaningful before that,
that moment when you screwed it.

takpe,korg mesti takphm, tp kt luar sana ada yg faham, srry korg terpakse bace.

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