Sunday, September 11, 2011

sincerely , here is part of my tale :)

ye saya tahu,
saya mengaku,
saya tak seperti yang anda mahu ..

dear you,
you are trying to say that im a troubled kid? because of what i do? i skate? the songs i hear? the life i live? is it wrong?
idk if its wrong with my reasons. i like skating as a hobby, if you hate a person's hobby, then idk why ur not hating the stamp collectors or the shopaholics.

and yeah. i hear songs where it is not accepted by the majority of the society. but the message they try to portrait is absolutely better . let them hear the feel with the words.and let them know, that life is not just about love and entertainment.. theres more to think of.

and yeah, i live a life of where i think i can make others happy, is it wrong to make other people happy?

but i cant change your perception no matter how and what i say, A verdict has been made. and i alone will eventually notice why im outcasted by you..

and yeah, i gotta admit, i was never born from a filthy rich parent that can spoil me with everything the world can offer. and umi always told me that we are not that rich to have everything we want, if people but this as a benchmark to us then what else can we do? God is not to be blamed, EVER :)

ouh, and i tried , i swear i tried, but i guess it was just never meant for me, to be studying in a place where all the most intelligent students are.due to that im am not as bright as them, just barely , im here where i am now.

and dont talk about my physical. im not that hot looking. or that superior athletic type of, it all makes sense doesnt it?

i may not be the Alpha male ever to walk this earth, but if people outcast me because of the things i just stated. then i can hope for nothing more than a happier life for you. as long as you are happy then i have nothing, against you :)

friends. what would you do without them? indeed, when we have problems, we come to our loved ones to share it, but when we have problems with our loved ones, its them whom we search rite? :)
this is a band of the song where most of the society rejects. fyi, this band is made up of those who once, was troubled in a lot of stuff such as drugs and yg sewaktu dengannye. and by forming this band, they want to curb the straight edge spirit( a will of not turning back to what they were. a disaster and a burden to the society) in everyone. truely, hardcore music, is 1/3 music and 2/3 is the lyric. try looking at the lyric of *infidelity* and this the reason i stay*. more about them, see this link
and this is just something i do to pass my time. a way to let go all my problem, what else for a virgin like me can do? hahahaha. p/s: virgin , i mean of never knew, felt, nor understand this love thingy thing quite well. haha


hehe. sry la, bkn ape, just that, saye kt sini saye nk mengaku. saya tak sehebat orang lain, tak sekaye org lain, tak sebijak orang lain. saye tak baek mcm orang lain yg korg kenal. so kalau korg nk bann SAYE SBB SAYE tak mcm org laen. silekan. beauty is in the eyes of the beholders. beauty in my eyes is never the same as in your eyes i supposed? ;)


  1. Just be urself. I Like Second Combat n I like skate. mmg nampak I mcm ni. I selalu datang extreme park kat Putrajaya n tgk org main skate. weeee~

  2. im being who i am. just trying to justify of what i am, trying to make those ppl think before judging me ;)