Thursday, September 22, 2011

a not-so-perfect chapter laid to rest :)

selalu lepak bilik sndiri atau bilik syidi,
sebab sekarang masing masing dah ada lappy,
takyah klua dari bilik sindiri,
dah dapat internet free :D

tibe tergerak nk on9 dekat pc kt bawah, nmpak ada satu folder baru, thought i never found tht folder to ever existed, but then it did, pics aftermath accident sume tu, and yeah, it rang me one thing. there was something on my mind that i wanted to share.even though mcm penah post sblm ni, rase mcm nk post lg skali =).

obviously, after surviving that clash. everything flashes before my eyes
here are some things that i could remember, not that im saying i had a trauma or wutsoeva, but, well, just read pls thank you :)

firstly, i remembered that at that morning i havent prayed isya yet. YA ALLAH, what if i wasnt given the time to pray , was all the good things i did enough for me to ensure my afterlife?

and secondly, if that was my last day, i dont know, theres just sooo much things i still wanna say to everyone, sooo much things i wanna share with everyone, and all i could say was sorry,

sorry umi, i wasnt able to fulfill your desire of having a son to be a doctor, or even to give you the chance of having the opportunity to visit a son of yours during his studies at overseas, i know you were never satisfied with what i have achieved in life so far. its not a pride to cling to it rite?

ayah, sorry i wrecked the car as hell, i knew how much that car was a precious thing to you, but never the less, i hope that you knew that i didnt do it on purpose, thankyou for everything :)

syidi, thanks for the boards and everything. haha. all i could say is that you should be a greater example for the others. im no good one. all i did was never right in the eyes of everyone, i never knew the right way around everyone, you should teach the kids how since i wasnt there to do so :)

adek adek, all i can say is, blja rajin rajin , know that the world is bigger than what you've seen, plenty more to discover, plenty more to cherish, and soo much more to tolerate on. :)

friends, sorry if i was never there at the time you needed a friend the most, a time where a somebody could change a chaos to a silky smooth and calm situation, and sorry, for i know i am not the best person you'll ever know, honestly, all i ever wished for is to be a person you'll acknowledge of not taking yourselves for granted. and up until now, i still hope none of you would think twice to doubt me. thankyou everyone for everything :')

with love, to all of you who 's reading this,

but yet here i am, sitting infront of this pc, almost as healthy as i was back then. but if i was to die young.i hope that you could all forgive me. for everything i did, im really sorry everyone, i really am. but my last wish would not be complicated as writing me a song as how a7x did in so far away. nor do i was to be mourned, but just a simple perfect funeral. and a constant doa from all :)

kalau kalau ada hutang tu dan saya tak sempat bayar,. minta halal, kalau tanak halal, boleh refer pada family saya. maaf umi ayah suma. dan jgn risau, kalau ada hutang dengan aku tu, aku halalkan, kalau ada salah silap tu. aku maafkan, never did i grudged a thing against all of you :)

lesson i learnt was that we could never be sure when would be our time, *foolish lies of growing old* how many among us met the end of the road at a very young age, and they lived less than 50% of a normal person's lifespan. and yeah, for all this unfortunate people (i hope its not me) would have problems of enabling themselves to prepare of the last and final words to say to everyone, and this is mine. :) thankyou for your time peoples .

1st time tgk pn mcm tringt igt mase 1st kene. kpale terhantuk dkt cermin tu, tak tau lak byk rambut smpai cmtu skali. and the damage on the stereng is from the impact of my hand. utterly cracked it though.
what remains?? my self concious .


  1. entry ni sgt sedih.
    and very meaningful.

    walking here :D

  2. woh..giler teruk..thank god u still must go on eh..many things to achieve..btw..ak maaf kan ko..hak2..

  3. boleh teruk lagi x ur car tu?? adoiihh

  4. tqhdrs, thx :)

    rfaidah. ape slh aku do kt kau? hahah

    put,heh, any more, i wouldnt be here kan? :)