Thursday, July 14, 2011

one of the things i hate

dapat tau malam tadi. sorang kawan aku ni nk klua dari uitm. , kolej mara. shit,,

whats the big deal about it anyway??

well, the thing is, i dont like this kind of situation, not that this is the 1st time things like this happen to me. its just that i happen to have the time and mood of writing this. (baru abes exam do!hehehe)

friend, i know its only been just awhile since we met, but i dont know why its like we've known for a long time. everytime a friend i briefly knew needs to go somewhere its gonna be hard to keep in contact, i happen to feel this feeling of sadness. after everything happen. i hope that it does not ends with just a mere goodbye and a smiling face back at each other.

i always imagined those we knew for some times would one day meet up again, exchanging stories after a long time passed, sit around all day long never having ourselves to wonder about the time we have left just to catch up with each other again. especially when we're finished studying. man, life is gonna be so different that time. and talking about all our pasts. its gonna be a blast!

but i worried of one single thing. i fear that if the time taken for us to know each each other is shorter that the time that passed with us all apart. possibly causing us all not even able to identify each other. that i hate. luckily theres facebook. i hope this doesnt happen.

but above all, i know everything happens for a reason. and that reason is for the best of all of us. thankyou my friends :)

p/s: thankyou afini. for being patient with my karenah yg macam ozzy ni. hehe. and thanks alot for the book. you dont know how much buku tu dah berjasa dkt aku. im gonna miss that book. and you too la. hahahaha. jgn lupe kami di sini :)

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