Friday, June 17, 2011

syukur :)

Oh Allah,
If You are listening to what i am going to say ( which I know You are )
Then, please , hear my confession (which I know You will)

Up until this point, I havent been thankful, gratitude, and oftenly overlooking what i was bestowed with,

firstly, thankyou for making me of what I am today. Thank you for making me among those who has been enlighten by what you have entrust us , mankind with.. thank you again, for allowing me to use my will as how i desire, to fully understand the way you really wanted a person to be. thank you for giving me the chance to feel some of the most of your wonderous fortunate of the world. not all of us had the chance of such experience.

i thank You too. for the family you blessed me with whom i learnt so much about the does and dont. and all the relating values of life that i will cling the rest of my days with it.

and not forgetting , those that i had met, until this point, along this long journey of whom i call, friends. in my ups and downs. regardless of where we've met, i can assure its what You have wanted. And thankyou for giving me the chance to meet such peoples. despite that some of them were just too brief, and yet they are still playing in my mind. i have not forget you or is it just a matter of time until it will? hmm,

as for those who hates me. im sorry for what i have done, sorry for what I have done, or just that i could never be the same of the likes of you. im sorry. all i can say that hopefully you are happy :)

thankyou for letting me to be with them. thank you for making them a part of my life :)


  1. is this a doa? if it is, Amin :))

  2. its kinda like it, but this is just an expression actually :)