Monday, November 1, 2010

a wordS before i die ;)

last week ,
a lot happenned....

makin hari, makin dekat ngn spm, makin byk ujian yang Allah bagi.
kawan aku sorang, ayah die bankrap pulak time time camni, company kne tutup, balek rumah die je kne marah. hmm.


, ayah die meninggal, colon cancer yang tibe, terkne kt liver, so, thts the cause.Alfatihah.

well, last friday, i had an accident, jebak moto for the 1st time. it wasnt something major, but theres somthing that i kept thinking about . hmm, if before, i escaped death once, and now again, i dont know if there is going to be a third time. and for that, it made me realize. when people just died suddenly, they dont have the time to actually say something to everyone, to say goodbyes, and, if today was my last day, heres something that i must say :)

firstly, i would like to say sorry to everyone, regardless of whom, regardless of where i met you, everyone. eventhough things havent been easy between us, i forgive you, ONLY, if you forgive me,hehe, if i ever owe you anithing that requires pay back, pls refer to my family.

and dear family, i may not be the best person in the center of the family,but i hope you can all understand what ive been through, ask umi, she'd know. i was not the best, even though i try to be, and peoples just keep on disagree. but im guessing that is just it. im no more :)

to those who ever had grudge on me on everything, those who took me for granted, those whom just never seem to get it right with me. just to let you know, i hope that now you are happy. and forever will. still, i have nothing against you. except the self esteem of yourself :) but on top of all,

for those of you who are just there , there for me, there to even just share a single moment to everything. note that i want to say a humble bow with a thank you :) a thankyou for everything that i hope is enough just to pay back. i can never pay them back with just me. and i would never be me if it wasnt for you. ALL of you,

a little advice from me, appreciate everything you have. appreciate them, think optimistic in everything, and there you will see the silver lining. the life you will live is still long. for that. dont waste it, dont savage it, dont betray it :) its a once in a life time when you can actually see you, being able to live your life to the fullest. to cut it short, its like an absolute ecstasy just to know you did all ok. just smile at evrything, and bring smiles to others. never forget, that you dont live in this world alone, and you can never do so. this makes you just the person who needs other, pls realize this fact. and make some changes dad. im specificating this to you. and others as well.

nobody can plan their death. and a perfect one is only for lucky ones i guess?
so, im just planning mine, a stepping stone of preparation.
the only thing i hope is that i may be remembered, or just, be settled the proper way.
thankyou.. may God bless you all.
well, im guessing thats it.
thank you for all of your time . thankyou. :)

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