Thursday, January 21, 2010

hear this,

the song of shame,
the song of humiliate.
the song that provokes those who stands withstanding reality,,,,

You've compromised your doctrines
You've surrendered yourself to fashion.
Come back to your faith; Come back to grace.
He sang with us and loved others.

The death of obsession.
The blood relationship, creates such a rotten demise.
Oh Lord.
Such blackness portrays the love of a machine.
I did not want you to join this culture.
So how can you be so proud?

Pray to the heavens, with whatever it takes.
I wish to shine this light back upon you.
It's obvious that apocalyptic barriers (will give) no mercy to fashion.

You've compromised your doctrines.
You've surrendered yourself now.

-arini farah nabila punye last day. then die akn pegi teknik taiping. girl,
sory la aku tak leh nk proper sgt wish kt ko. aku agk bz harini.
-dapat pengerusi kelab boling. calon pengawas. damn, ape lg la pas ni -,-

p/s: wuts with korg ni?? sume nk salahkn aku. it kinda proves everything to me now, thx for everything. like u guys ever care~ and malangnye. korang tatau pon yg aku ckp ni psl korg.still, u tend to treat me as if wut? damn. i got my own life la... cant accept for who i am? back off loser!

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