Thursday, February 23, 2017

The permanent, everlasting reminder.

To the one and only person, who would surely ponder upon these words, regardless of how exaggerated they are, or how excruciatingly long they may be.

in the times of where you start to lose sense, in what is right and what is wrong,
the rights will always be with those who had the best common courtesy.

As you lose sight in those who are right and those who are wrong,
Religion will always be with who are right, and surely the wrongs, when they take advantage on what religion has to offer.

As time flies and you look at the road you're on so far,
you are where you are not just because of your effort, but the support you have from everyone, the prayers from your parents. In sickness, In health, in the hectic life you have, you are still a son, with the responsibilities to be accomplished and will surely be asked infront of God later on.

In times of disbelieves, and when man's wrath and their way of life part you from your path, 
Remember, there is the right example for you to follow, and the wrong example for you to refrain. you are stronger and wiser, as you can still differ the rights and remain with it.

In times of where you see everyone in every walk of society,
Appreciate, be kind to them as the kindest among them are the ones people will usually overlook. 
the ones from the low society often been recited in history as those who paved an easier route to heaven.

Of all the hardship you've been through, you've always said to yourself to be strong as there will always be a harder obstacle ahead. So raise your chin and move forward, there's always a silver lining in everything.

When the world gave everything it has to offer, be humble, and remember your roots.
Allah will always have better plans for you and trust Him, and dont lose faith in Him. Surely He'll provide you with the strength to move on and reach Him in all the right medium you're using.

To the one and only person, who would surely ponder upon these words, 
to the future me, always remember, hopefully when you remember, you will be better.


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