Wednesday, February 22, 2012

introduction 2.0 :)

time flies, though its impossible to pause it, nevertheless, i never stop hoping that it would. up until now,

today should be the day that arwah sudirman passed away, 20 years ago,.and yeah, there's a tale behind the eve of that night when he passed away. Well, nothing fancy. Just a strong woman being delayed of giving a birth to a child.

it was somewhat near midnight. her water broke. As she tried to get to the hospital at Klang, Her husband said to her
" nak pegi bank sekejap. amek duet. kang pg hospital takde duet susah"
and She was obviously forcing her head to nod and agree with her husband's action. and at the hospital. she was not attended by any nurse or doctor. trying to give birth on her own, everyone around her was talking about arwah Sudirman..
"Ya Allah kesian nye die ni. "
"mude mude lg die dah meninggal. "
"Malaysia da hilang seorang seniman.."
bla bla bla~
and she was like
" haish. aku ni dah nak beranak nak mati jugak rasa korg dok pike org yg dh mati tu kenapa??!!"

and yeah. there. almost 20 hours later. a boy was given. named after a famous islamic doctor.the Father of the medicine. :)

so, with time, comes age. with age, comes wisdom?? haha~ i wish. but say all you want. to me age is just about the number. but every year this time arrives, i always want to start it with something new, and something that would make me a better person for the years to come.

and so , i would like to hold my hands together to just ask for a simple wish on this day. it shouldnt be too hard, but occasions such as this day should make it easy even if it hard. heehee.

i would like to seek apology to everyone whom i've known for this, 20 years i lived. That would be the greatest present you could ever give to me. and only Allah could repay you for such kindness. thank you everyone :)


  1. Hey Ali! I wanted to text you tapi I have 3 different numbers of yours, dah confuse pakai mana. Facebook pulak takde so your blog is all I have left. So Happy birthday! :)