Sunday, March 20, 2011

if this happened to you, would you feel the same?

you borrowed something that is mine. and said that you are going to return it the next day. and it was 8th march that night, and today is , 21st march, almost two weeks after that then i get a grab of it. and you said that you are going to RETURN it, not having me myself pick it up at your house. as if your house was next to mine, i could consider it.but its just not. that totally pissed me off. im not mad, just pissed off. and what pisses me more. you had me waiting like more than 30 minutes, just after you said that you are okay for me to pick that thing. and i ended up going back home. and yet you still said that you will send it, but you will just quiet up until i asked. texted, call, rang, damn it.

i tried to pick it up the second time, that time you said you are at the skatepark and you didnt bring my deck with you, im willing to come there and wait. as i arrive you are starting to leave and you said, you would be at home then go somewhere, i waited at your house for the same period before, i texted you, no reply, i called, and you said that you are at sunway pyramid now? why didnt you say so? i was waiting like a stupid person waiting for what? you to come home? no way! i went home empty handed. AGAIN,

and finally, i got a hand on that, it seems like waiting for soo long is just something im gonna get use to when it comes to you, though i must apologize for coming late night, sorry, morning actually.

you asked if im mad? im not mad, just pissed off. tell me if you ur not. im a normal person with a temper also, you tested too much out of me. but i am gonna be mad, if you expect that im not pissed off,and thinks that you are everyone's little princess and im your nanny. you come when you think youre lonely and thinks that you should have something from me..i know im not as the social level as yours. but heyy, i think its fair to treat everyone AND YOURSELF the same, and not posh out yourself and treat everyone to fit with that :)


  1. ok.
    klu aku, kasi bunuh saja ini budak!


  2. skatepark jum malam lepas result !

  3. madee, too bad im not tht evil haha. nk buatkan tok aku? haha

    ameng, bole saja. haha